INEA external institute for South-Eastern Europe in Ljubljana The development of South-Eastern Europe is one of outstanding importance for the development of the whole Europe: this large region with the states of Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, FYR Macedonia, Georgia, Greece, Croatia, Moldova, Montenegro, Kosovo region, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia and Ukraine offers great economic and political prospects and opportunities of sustainable enrichment of European development. The work of the external institute, opened in 2006 in Ljubljana, is mainly focused on the support of the political and economic development of the countries referred to above.Additionally, the external institute also turns its attention to accompanying support of culture, science and sports. An advisory board is being established for the external institute, where every country of this large region will be represented by an outstanding and generally recognized personality. The work of the external institute is being carried out in total political independence and is not subject to any instructions of governmental bodies or other public authorities. The working languages are Slovenian, German, English, French, Greek, Italian, Croatian and Serbian. INEA – representative office in Brussels The representative office of INEA in Brussels, under the management of Dr. Dietmar O. Reich, exists as of 2000 and is specialized at providing specific support in all EU affairs (European Commission, European Parliament). The consultations include a multitude of European and national competition-related legal issues (cartels, merger supervision, abuse of dominant market position, compliance programmes), incl. anti-dumping. Worldwide investments are provided with grant law analyses for EU and non-EU countries. Together with the law firm Beiten Burkhardt, comprehensive solutions are offered. A successful change of EU law, e. g, the so-called EU-Legal-Lobbying, is attributable to our repute. Our partner Beiten Burkhardt supports its clients in the development of EU early warning systems (for preventive change of business models and/or products as well as adaptation of strategies for affiliated groups) and successfully enforces their interests vis-à-vis the EU Commission inter alia by means of claims or petitions (Position Papers) e. g. in the sectors of infrastructure, chemistry, energy, waste, environment, automobiles, steel, transport, research & development, media, air transport and sports. The working languages are English, German, French as well as Bulgarian, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish and Turkish.